Monday, February 12, 2018


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Don’t Let Your Farmer Collect Garbage. It's all in the preparation. 

There is a person you will never meet in the present. 

Though you feel her nearness and you may even catch a whiff here and there of her scent, she and you will never meet eyes. You will always be intimate strangers. There is a person you will never know and yet know so well. In fact, he will be the sum of all your nowness. It’s hard to show kindness and respect when the object of your kindness and respect is your future self. Your future self is like the friendly farmer who harvests all the experiences (seeds) you set into motion in the present. 

Sorry future friendly farmer self. 

There are no apples to harvest because I planted oranges. Or, sorry future farmer self, I planted nothing. All I did was make your farm empty and overgrown with regrets and missed opportunities. Then your future farmer has no time to farm because he has to deal with the garbage you left for him everywhere. Your farmer is now collecting garbage. Are you satisfied?

This week we are going to practice showing love and respect for our future selves. 

By doing small things, itty-bitty routines, and tiny baby step advances, we gain momentum. Momentum that will carry and propel us into the realm of our future selves. Of course when we arrive at our future it will no longer be future it will be now, but this isn’t a sci-fi movie and we don’t have time to goof around. Know this, our future selves will cheer us and write songs about us and look back fondly at the past-you-self that has made all this future awesomeness happen.

Start small.

what would you like to have happen in the future? What small things can I do now to work toward that vision of the future?

Sample Student: Well, Matt, I would like very much to not go to jail when I go home to Shitsville, USA.

Matt: Super idea. Jail is depressing. Have you alerted your PO that you have left the state but are receiving substance treatment and look forward to rehabilitating yourself?

Sample Student: No I have not done that.

Matt: Then your future self is set to only collect garbage.   How does that make you feel?

Sample Student: Poorly

Matt: Yes, your future self also feels poorly. Let me help you call your PO and get things rolling in the right direction.

Sample Student: Sound good.

Connect in the moment.

The ability to connect to the present moment and shape it in a way that makes a future, unknowable version of yourself grateful, is asking a lot. It depends on you loving yourself enough to do something about it. This week we will learn that our future selves are worth it and what to do about it.

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