Monday, December 4, 2017

weekly theme :: SELF LOVE

Author: Zen Recovery Path

We are doing something a little bit different with this week's theme.
Watch video for explanation

(Character: Samurai Man)
Oh, hello! So, this week instead of writing out a theme (bad writers block) but now this time what we do is a video, very modern, very good. Yes. OK. I start to sound uh too much like a Cookie Monster. OK. Anyway. This weeks theme the clients came to me and they said to me they said, Samurai Man, we have big problem with self-love. Can you help us with loving ourselves? And I said you have come to the right person. For I am a master of the self love. So, by unanimous client choice this week we going to teach them how to do the self-love. You have to look deep within yourself too. To find the love that you also have for yourself. Goodbye and good luck.

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