Monday, December 18, 2017

weekly theme :: REBIRTH

The idea of rebirth is ancient. Throughout time immemorial, myths and legends speak of man’s process of birth, death and rebirth into a new life. Why is this process of appearance, decline and renewal so firmly etched on our conscious and unconscious thoughts? 
The list of gods, demi-gods and man who have traveled the path of rebirth are as varied and countless as the stars in the sky. To name a few:
The Phoenix
And on and on…
It is vital to view this concept of rebirth though the lens of non-literal interpretation. Reading these death/rebirth stories and myths as literal events can be dangerous and vexing. However, when viewed with the same sensibilities as Carl Jung or Joseph Campbell, a whole world of personal growth, psychoanalysis and psychology opens up, like voices from long ago sharing secrets that have endured centuries, yet teeter on the precipice of forgotten knowledge. 
All of us experience death and rebirth. Letting go of addiction is a small death, yet carving out a new life free from bondage is a grand rebirth. Experiencing trauma feels like something has died, yet leaving these traumas on the alters of the past (where the belong) is an embrace of the present moment.  Relationships that die, only to be replaced by new experiences of connection and love. These cycles are something we all deal with on a daily basis and by drawing up these old stories from this inexhaustible well, we can reach new levels of understanding ourselves, thereby quenching our enduring thirst. The cycles of birth and death are all around us and this becomes all the more poignant for someone in early recovery who is in the process of reinventing themselves, starting over, putting their pasts behind them and breathing fresh air into an old pattern of suffocation and stagnation.

Call or contact Zen Recovery Path. Our community welcomes a fresh start. Recovery will be inspired with Art Projects, Kung Fu Classes, Tai Chi, Music group and Movie with Meaning therapies.

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