Monday, October 23, 2017

weekly theme :: PERSONAL IDENTITY

You are an individual, uniquely created with a soul and spirit that has emotions, intellect and will, all residing in a human body.  

This week at Zen Recovery we will explore the concepts of what is Personal Identity —
Personal Identity is a mixed bag.  Genetics plays a small part.  Gives us some basic patterns and boundaries. We then borrow heavily from our immediate family and caregivers, making those first few neural connections hardwired.  Environment plays a factor.  As do role models, movies, characters in books we read, t.v. shows, etc.  All of these outlets we pull personality details from and apply to our own patchwork personality or identity.  But is this the real you? 

Certainly, there must be more to it.  If our personalities are a gumbo medley of odds and ends then we should be able to change our recipes at will.  Just find new ingredients and source material?  Maybe so.  Always seems harder in practice, to try to change who we are.  If we pretend to be someone or an aspect of someone long enough, will be become what we pretend to be?  Kurt Vonnegut would likely agree. 

Finally, are we our egos?  Are we multiple egos wrapped up in wads of skin and bone?  Or is there more to who we are? Who is the essential “I”?  Where did it come from?  And where is it going?

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