Monday, October 30, 2017

weekly theme :: MEDITATION

Author: Sifu Matt Carver

This week we will explore meditation more deeply. 

If there is one skill we hope to pass on to those we treat, it is the meditation skill. This silent time with one's self is pivotal. It sets the stage for all other discoveries, epiphanies, and successes we strive towards. How can we navigate cravings, obsessions and destructive thought patterns if we cannot endure our own company in silence for 5 minutes? How do we build a new life free from the bondage of addiction if we do not know who we are or what we want?

Meditation is, in the beginning, time set aside and devoted to listening to that soft, still voice inside ourselves. Meditation is an act of revolt against distraction and delusion. It is time spent honestly. As we progress, the meditative state of mind encompasses all we do. No need to set time aside to meditate, because we will have achieved a perpetual "nowness" quality to our conscious lives.

We were born with two brains. One is obvious; your mind. The other is you gut. Our guts, namely our digestive system takes up a lot of real estate. And for good reason, its job is to fuel our bodies. Without it, all is lost. This constant supply of energy, however, needs guidance. This leadership comes from our minds. It guides the energy to where it is needed. Thoughts, dreams, hair, skin cells, bone, bone marrow, laughter and love all require energy. Our gut supply it and our mind guides it. But what happens when our mind fails to do its job? Energies begin to be misappropriated. Thoughts and obsessions run wild. Neurosis set in. Only through mindful meditation practice can we attune these two brains and have them working in harmony.

This week we will explore various meditation techniques: from simple breathing patterns, to active awareness practice, to “nowness” integration. Even listening to others is a form of meditative practice. Groups will be centered around the idea of self-mastery through non-action or wu wei (Chinese for no-mind) which is just a clever way to say spontaneous free actions and thoughts void of worry, second guessing and hesitation. Saddled with this newfound skill, our clients will have a huge advantage when dealing with daily struggles and challenges.

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