Friday, August 25, 2017

Faith, Belief and Practice

Zen Monk Abbot
Author: Sifu Matt Carver

A young man once entered a zen monastery and asked the head abbot "what do you all believe in?" The abbot replied, "we believe in nothing. Would you like to know what we practice?" Beliefs are not faith. Faith is open to receive whatever reality brings.

Belief, however, forces a perspective and maintains that perspective even in the face of a contradictory reality. Belief is more like hoping or wishing. What a person believes tells you very little about them. Practice, however, tells us everything. A person's daily routine and disciplines are far more useful and meaningful in shaping a life. By developing and engaging in a daily practice/discipline we connect with ourselves, our fellow practitioners and our community.

 Practice and faith are loyal allies. Belief is just a fervent guess. At Zen Recovery Path we faithfully rest confidently in practice

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