Wednesday, July 22, 2015

We Shape Our World

Often times other people seem to be the problem. Are they?

Other people seemingly cause us pain, suffering and sorrow. Do they?

Sometimes, while at our darkest moments as we drift in malicious waters, we blame others for our own failings, mistakes and misadventures. As tempting and gratifying as it may be to place blame on others and hold others responsible for our circumstance, in our quietest of moments, clarity sets in reveling that we ourselves are the captains of our ships. We stand at the helm.

If you find yourself lost at sea with the waves crashing overhead and doom impeding, ask yourself, why as captain did I bring my ship here?

When you find yourself in a strange port with not a friendly face among, ask yourself, as captain why did I come here?

Storms happen, not our fault. Ships bump into hidden rocks, not our fault. The wind tugs us in wayward directions, not our fault. However, though these things are not our fault, what we do next is our fault. How we deal with these outside forces is the direct responsibility of the helmsman. And we are the helmsmen, the captain of the ship.

Even if we have been victimized by another person and forced against our physical will, these oppressors do not have the power to make us feel victimized for the rest of our lives. In a moment in time, yes, they had the power to physically force their will, but that storm has passed, and their power over us has passed. Only we can surrender our personal power and strength. Only we can allow these tempests of circumstance to drag us to the depths and smother us.

Circumstance, we often blame circumstance for our unhappiness and struggles. “My father abandoned me.” “My mother was an alcoholic.” “I was beaten and abused and ignored.” “A house fell on me.” These are all unfortunate downpours. But this is not OUR fate.

Like a great Phoenix, the symbolic bird of the ancients, we rise up from the ashes of turmoil and adversity with unfurled wings, stronger and wiser than we were before. A great Taoist healer and martial artist named Hing Wo Tsim once expressed in a hearty laugh “To hell with the circumstances! We are the circumstances!” In other words, we manifest our circumstance. It is not thrust upon us as a burden. We are the creators and we shape our world.

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