Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Calm and relaxed

Calm and relaxed. This is the way to walk through life’s stresses and challenges. We all recognize that the life of the addicted person is chaotic, exhausting and stressful. Long-term drug use causes perpetual anxiety, depression and nervousness. However, a life can be revitalized by calmly and peacefully putting the pieces back together. Clarity and focus replace anger and unease.

Zen Recovery Path was created to help put the pieces back together one breath at a time. Our staff has seamlessly blended Ancient Far East healing traditions with cutting edge, modern addiction treatment. Drawing upon Oriental Healing Methods that have transformed and enriched people’s lives since before the words stress, alcoholic, or addiction existed, the Zen Recovery Path addresses the entire continuum of recovery care.

The Zen Recovery Path is an exclusive alternative addiction treatment program that stands alone or can be a complement to a more traditional recovery model. All clients benefit from progressive modern addiction therapy coupled with ancient healing modalities of the Far East.

Our philosophy has one aim in mind, to manifest and nurture an environment in which our residents can have a unique personal awakening. We believe that through our suffering we are encouraged to turn inward and focus on what truly matters in our lives. Through these ashes of anguish, we are reborn as spiritual beings walking a path NOT toward joy and freedom but a path OF joy and freedom. Free from the bondage of self.

Our holistic addiction treatment program at Zen Recovery Path includes such spiritual practices as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, meditation, Martial Arts, Yoga, Chinese Herbal Therapy, Reiki, and Eastern Philosophical studies that help propel the newly sober into a life of serenity, peace and enlightenment.

Enlightenment is a word often associated with Zen yet widely misunderstood in American culture. Enlightenment means liberation from one’s self. It means that we have realized that something has gone wrong and we vow to bring this wrong back into balance and harmony. This is a state of enlightenment. The active participation in rebuilding of one’s self.

You have always had the ability to create a future vastly different from that which past events would predict.

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